I’ve taken part in a couple of phone calls this week, a quick conversation with Michael Meeks and a conference call with the open a11y group. Both about AT-SPI D-bus. There was a week of silence after my initial e-mail to lots of accessibility lists, and after that something of a storm. It was good to actually hear everyones opinion, I think people care, and AT-SPI D-Bus will probably happen sooner rather than later.

Thats pretty good news as Rob and I have spent LOTS of time discussing this one, with some of it being rather heated. Its all about “standardising” the AT-SPI interface, what constitutes a “component” system, and whether accessibility really needs object lifecycle management. 🙂 Could anyone really have raised voices in a conversation about that?

I’m going to put together our thoughts / proposals for everyone to go through. (With heavy input / modification from Rob Taylor) Hopefully it will be up to scratch.