Help needed

There was some discussion this week on desktop-devel about turning ‘Assistive technologies’ on by default in Gnome. See Willie Walkers original e-mailRob Taylor and I had discussed this previously, and at the time I didn’t have much of an opinion either way. After reading Willie’s e-mail though I was firmly in favor.

However Willie stumbled across a possible performance problem when accessibility is turned on. Using gtk-demo to test memory usage ‘top’ shows that accessibility can increase the ‘DATA’ memory section by 15mb, or over double the memory consumption. This was pretty shocking to me, so I tried to use massif to find the cause.

Thing is, massif reports that the memory allocation is not greatly increased by turning accessibility on.  The maximum stack size is not increased either. The ‘DATA’ field of ‘top’ apparently reports the DRS, or data resident set. The number of pages used by both the stack and heap. Rob suggested that fragmentation could be the problem, but in general I’m pretty stumped as to what is causing the discrepancy.

Help and suggestions greatly appreciated 🙂

Conduit conversations

We have John Carr in the office now. (Infact he’s been there more than Rob and I this week.) This means lots of conduit discussions. I was treated to a crash course on Conduit internals that left my brain feeling like a squeezed sponge, wrung cloth, and juiced orange all at once. This syncing thing is terribly hard and John has some difficult use cases that he wants to make work. (Tranferring contacts from his laptop go to GMail, and from GMail to the N810 and from that to his laptop. Whew.) Good luck to him. I think its the ‘Brain the size of texas’ award if he manages it.

The rest of the week…

Rob probably can’t blog to tell you this because he is gibbering somewhere in the corner muttering “Reference, Reference, where art thou?”. He’s been debugging lifecycle issues for a fortnight now. Its left us vowing never to touch ‘C’ again whenever humanly possible. (Which is not very often).

I have been working hard on the D-Bus version of pyatspi. Its going much slower than hoped, but i’ll get there in the end. I have a holiday coming this week, a trip to Finland for a friends wedding. I’m really looking forward to it. Were going to have a week of saunas in Lapland.